woensdag 3 oktober 2018

Live @ work

Two live gigs coming up:

Sweet Ermengarde + Your Life On Hold

Sunday, October 7th
Club B52, Eernegem (B) [more info]

Solar Lodge Convention
Saturday, November 10th
Bahnhof Langendreer, Wallbaumweg 108
44894 Bochum (Germany)
With La Scaltra, Aeon Sable and Merciful Nuns [more info]

vrijdag 28 september 2018

Another teaser

Here's a little teaser from the forthcoming album 'My name is legion for we are many'.
A classic gothic rock tune to start the weekend with!
Pre-order here: solarlodge.de

donderdag 20 september 2018

My name is legion for we are many

“A million falling stars around me
I can wish whatever I want”

Pre-order here: solarlodge.de
Watch a full video preview: youtube.com
Release date: November 9th - by Solar Lodge

vrijdag 31 augustus 2018

First teaser

Here's a first full snippet from the forthcoming album 'My name is legion for we are many'!

Pre-order here: solarlodge.de

zondag 8 juli 2018

How sweet is this?

We’re happy to announce a forthcoming gig in B52 Music Club.

We like the B52 Club in Eernegem (B)!
Not just because some great bands played/are paying there (think of Christian Death and Sex Gang Children to name just two), but also because the people of B52 have always been very supportive towards us.
When we didn't have a rehearsal place, we were welcome in the club for some rehearsals. How cool is that?
So we're very happy to announce this great evening on Sunday October 7th where we get to share the stage with German gothic rockers Sweet Ermengarde.
Get ready for a cool evening full of gothic rock.

zaterdag 26 mei 2018

Live @ work

Two belgian dates coming up for Your life on hold!
Starting next week!
Saturday June 2nd: Zandrock Festival 2018 [more info]
Saturday June 9th: Kovver & Your Life on Hold - Oostendse Avond @ Cultuurcentrum De Grote Post [tickets & info]

maandag 12 maart 2018

Solar Lodge Convention announced!

An extraordinary convention of Berlin based Label SOLAR LODGE!

Date: 10.11.2018
Place: Bahnhof Langendreer, Wallbaumweg 108
44894 Bochum (Germany)

Doors: 19.00
La Scaltra: 20.00-20.30
Your life on hold: 20.50-21.30
aeon sable: 21.50-22.40
Merciful Nuns: 23.00-00.15

+ Lost Sound Aftershowparty

Tickets at www.SolarLodge.de
and www.zwischenfall-club.de

VVK: 22€
ADD: 25€

zondag 18 februari 2018

Zandrock announced!

Next gig announced! Zandrock Festival on June 2nd
@ 't Kasteeltje - Zandvoorde Oostende (B)
Free festival with among others Tjens Matic, ID!OTS, Sons and Comet Street. [more info]

dinsdag 23 januari 2018

Oostendse Avond

Next up: 'Oostendse Avond' @ De Grote Post (Ostend - B)
February, 16th
Your Life On Hold LIVE gig with Mostly Whites + Pigeon, Siskin & Stone

[tickets & info]

zondag 21 januari 2018

Thank you Winterfest!

A million thanks for your warmth and enthusiasm during our very first live gig at Winterfest!
We had a blast!

(Pictures by the Nunhood)

zaterdag 6 januari 2018

Your Life On Hold - live debut @ Winterfest

Next up: our live debut at Winterfest on January 20th 2018, W Festival's special winter edition!
[Kompass Klub - Ghent (B)]
Check www.w-festival.com/nl/winterfest for tickets and the full exciting line-up!

Special note: we play at 17.00 (5 pm) (which is slightly earlier then originally announced).

zondag 31 december 2017

The second chapter

‘Burning for the ancient connection’ was released this year on Solar Lodge and marks the official start of Your life on hold!
I want to thank everyone for the heartwarming support during these first few months.

In 2018 the second chapter will be written.

We’ll start with debuting live on January 20th at Winterfest in Ghent. [tickets & info]
And you’ll get a first glimpse of our new album on February 16th at Cultuurcentrum De Grote Post, where we recorded three new tracks. [tickets & info]

Meanwhile a full new album is taking shape…
So hang on, and see you next year!

Sunflower Sutra

But I still turn
My head to the sun
Still look at where it began
How it fell apart
How you broke my heart
But I’m still standing strong
‘cause this is where I belong
With my face covered in dust
Still facing the sun

Does it make you cry?
When you ask yourself why?
Are you still facing the sun?
Are you still having your fun?

And that’s how it goes
It’s the way things look from below
In the shadow, pushing my rock
Upon that hill

woensdag 27 december 2017

Recording session

Here's another look on our recording session at Cultuurcentrum De Grote Post.
Great pictures by Ioannis Tsouloulis (purephotography.be).

vrijdag 22 december 2017

Free download

What better way to celebrate the turn of the year than by giving away a free track!?

2017 has been a special year for us. It marks the very start of Your Life On Hold. To celebrate this occasion, we recorded a piano version of 'Hope is for dreamers'. Augustijn aka Willemsson (willemsson.com), who is also the bass player of the Your Life On Hold live band, did a truly amazing job playing the piano parts.

You can download the free track here (as full WAV file or mp3):

>> FREE download - Hope is for dreamers (piano version) [WAV]
>> FREE download - Hope is for dreamers (piano version) [mp3]

Words, music & programming by John Wolf
Piano by Willemsson (willemsson.com)

donderdag 7 december 2017

Another report from the studio

Second day in the studio. Recording bass and guitars with Augustijn, Emeric and Stefaan.
And of course Serge Feys in the master chair.

woensdag 6 december 2017

Report from the studio

We're currently recording in the studio with Serge Feys in the master chair (best known for his work with TC Matic, Arno,...).

woensdag 29 november 2017

Another great review!

For those of you reading Dutch, here's another raving review for 'Burning for the ancient connection'!
"Phoenix is zo’n track waar je gewoon van achterover valt. Een fantastisch refrein, het soort song dat je uitnodigt om je armen te spreiden en alles uit te brullen wat maar uit te brullen valt: gothrock pur sang, en zo eentje die na twee luisterbeurten aanvoelt als een klassieker."
Read the whole review at Luminous Dash!

maandag 13 november 2017


We’re truly thrilled and excited to play live at Winterfest on January 20th 2018, W Festival's special winter edition!
[Kompass Klub - Ghent (B)]
Check www.w-festival.com/nl/winterfest for tickets and the full exciting line-up!

zaterdag 11 november 2017

Soon in the studio!

With Serge Feys in the master chair (best known for his work with TC Matic, Arno,…), we’re happy to enter the studio of Cultuurcentrum De Grote Post next month. We’ll record three brand new tracks.
And there’s more. On Friday February 16th, 2018 Your life on hold will perform some of the new stuff on a special evening in De Grote Post (Ostend - B). We’ll share the stage with some other bands from Ostend. An exclusive cd compilation will be available featuring tracks from all bands performing that evening.

donderdag 9 november 2017

An anthology

Here's a selection of reviews for 'Burning For The Ancient Connection':
Sonic Seducer: "Schon nach den ersten Takten hüllt den Hörer eine angenehmen wühlende, dunkle Energie ein, erbaut aus Picking-Gitarren, surrenden, edelklingenden Akkordwänden, treibenden, verdammt gut klingenden Basslaüfen, straighten beats und eindringlichen dunklen Gesängen, deren hypnotischer Sogkraft man alsbald erliegen mag."

Da Music: "'Burning For The Ancient Connection' is een plaat geworden die zeker hetzelfde niveau haalt als die van buitenlandse acts in het gothic rock-genre. Melancholie en donkere sfeerschepping zijn de codewoorden op dit knappe debuut. … Wat ons wel een constante lijkt te vormen, is het trefzekere gevoel voor melodie dat John Wolf hier tentoonspreidt in de composities. Dankzij dat onloochenbare talent weet hij zich ook dit specifieke genre moeiteloos eigen te maken en een erg overtuigend debuut onder de nieuwe projectnaam af te leveren."

Terra Relicta: "It's strong, very captivating, dynamic, it has depth, thoughtful sorrowful lyrics and these 45 minutes of playing time feels like ending in an instant. 'Burning For The Ancient Connection' is a soaring album, gloomy, overall melancholic, still easy to get into its vibe and it has absolutely big replay value. Great powerful and clean production certainly adds extra poins. 'Burning For The Ancient Connection' is a must for every gothster out there who wants some classy dose of modern sounding gothic rock."

Dark Entries: 9/10 "Knap en sterk debuut!"

Musiczine: "Een sterk debuut"

Amboss Mag: "Ein Debütant, dessen Erfahrung alte Horizonte besegelt und gleichsam neue Ufer befährt, dessen Leuchttürme schwarzstrahlende Erinnerungen in die Welt senden. Ein in sich, trotz aller Wirrungen und Zweifel, geschlossenes Werk. Die Bitterkeit tropft, die Melancholie fließt und der Strom des straighten Goth explodiert an der Mauer des schwarz bewanderten Stausees."

Peek a Boo Magazine: "An 8 track musical masterpiece, of which the spore had been planted for several years, now suddenly shoots from of the ground like a huge beautiful mushroom."

Order your copy at:
... or at your local store!