zondag 31 december 2017

The second chapter

‘Burning for the ancient connection’ was released this year on Solar Lodge and marks the official start of Your life on hold!
I want to thank everyone for the heartwarming support during these first few months.

In 2018 the second chapter will be written.

We’ll start with debuting live on January 20th at Winterfest in Ghent. [tickets & info]
And you’ll get a first glimpse of our new album on February 16th at Cultuurcentrum De Grote Post, where we recorded three new tracks. [tickets & info]

Meanwhile a full new album is taking shape…
So hang on, and see you next year!

Sunflower Sutra

But I still turn
My head to the sun
Still look at where it began
How it fell apart
How you broke my heart
But I’m still standing strong
‘cause this is where I belong
With my face covered in dust
Still facing the sun

Does it make you cry?
When you ask yourself why?
Are you still facing the sun?
Are you still having your fun?

And that’s how it goes
It’s the way things look from below
In the shadow, pushing my rock
Upon that hill