vrijdag 3 april 2020

Lockdown EP

As the corona virus is currently overshadowing the world, I’m pretty sure everyone’s life is ‘on hold’ right now. Our band name Your life on hold couldn't have been more abreast with the current news.
We hope everyone can stay safe and healthy in these strange and troubling times.
To ease the pain a little bit, and give a spark of light in these dark days in isolation, we’re happy to announce this digital Lockdown EP!
The Lockdown EP features two exclusive tracks (a third track exclusively on Bandcamp).

1. Dead tree (extended & merciless)
2. I can feel every part (version)
3. Dead tree (merciless radio edit) [Bandcamp only]

Release date: Friday, April 10th 2020
‘Dead tree’ was featured in its original version on the second album ‘My name is legion for we are many’ released by Solar Lodge. We believe these ‘merciless versions’ are the ultimate incarnations of this song, bringing the track to a higher level.

‘I can feel every part’ is an intimate and melancholic take on a new track which will be featured in a totally different arrangement on the forthcoming album ‘Echoes from the bardo’. The new album will be released by Solar Lodge shortly after summer.

Pre-order on Bandcamp and get the 'radio edit' immediately!
The EP will also be available on all digital platforms like Spotify, iTunes, etc.